Spaces Shape Us.

A unique feature in our physiology is that the PLACES we find ourselves have a profound impact on the WAY we find ourselves. Indeed architecture shapes our lives, our relationships, and our perception of the world at a cellular level. And no environment has more power to inform who we are than where we live.

As designers we believe a home does more than contain us, it listens to us, renews and restores us. It’s why a sense of well being and meaning is built into everything we design. 

Our approach embraces the timeless values of illumination and connection to the natural world. The work truly comes alive when the details and purpose of the space awaken the aspirations of those who live in it.

The result is more than a home you move into, it’s a home that moves into you. Because there’s no better space in which to find one’s self.

Robin Nanney Studio
Living in light, nature, and purpose.