Classically educated in fine arts from an early age, Robin Nanney received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design where her work naturally evolved into large scale physical environments composed of artistically organized space, light and material texture. Early in her professional work Robin, along with six colleagues, renovated a public library building from 1850 turning it into a shared community studio. After this and other early successes in design and building, she returned to school to receive a Masters of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Robin's technical training continued at Gehry Partners where creating new systems and technologies to accomplish ambitious design goals is common practice. Inspired by Frank Gehry's own focus on an artistic basis within every project, she eventually left his office with the mission to pursue her own architectural body of work that is both truly artistic and deeply human. With this, Robin Nanney Studio was born.


All work is grounded in a natural and comfortable functionality, and every project aspires to create spaces worthy of the deeper potential of its inhabitants.
By beginning with a rigorously analytical foundation the studio can confidently remove elements not relevant to our client's lives, correct existing structures as needed and add new space with an accurate and personal voice. Understanding the patterns of the natural site and the details of inhabitants’ lives enables the studio to marry daily movements through the space with a connection to nature. The studio guides integration with landscape design and interior design elements to develop a fully integrated project.

DEEP WORK  I believe that everything is important and every detail
tells us a story about our lives. This means that
- Custom details are typical in my work and they take more time
and energy than doing this in an off-the shelf manner.
- I will ask probing questions and our conversations may be
lengthy when we are working out solutions together. Draw out your values that will be reflected in the end product space.
- Fine attention to detail is relevant throughout the process.
While this adds to the effort that it takes to produce the
project, the result is so much more personal to you and to your
specific site, that I believe that it is worth it. We take the
time for research that leads to the best solutions.

CURIOSITY & EXPLORATION  We seek new ideas, new experiences and new
perspectives. We take the time to be selective during the project
process. We may play with ideas that don’t work and we may explore
exciting possibilities that just don’t end up in the project for
some reason. This is all part of the process that brings you a
uniquely personal project.

RESPECT    Mind body spirit. We cultivate respect toward ourselves
inside the studio and outside in the world through clear & open
communication, professionalism and striving toward mastery of our
art. We collaborate and bond with other artists, clients and crafts
people who share this attitude.